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Rainbow Milk - #myUAETypeface

Role in the project

Concept creation | Creative direction | Copywriting | Project management


Nominated for Best Social Campaign - Digital MENA Awards

Campaign Overview


Rainbow Milk was launched in 1955 in the UAE and was one of the first multinational brands in the region. It is more than a brand in the UAE; it is a household name. For National Day, Rainbow Milk wanted to celebrate this association with much pomp.


Rainbow Milk has been in the UAE even before the union of the Emirates. It has seen the country's past, present, and future vision.


We introduced #myUAETypeface - a font that celebrated the past, present, and future of the UAE. Each character had an element of the UAE and was created by hand using Karak chai.


Later, we created a social media campaign where users could use the font to write their names and celebrate the National Day of the UAE.


Watch the video case study for the campaign.


The campaign reached 2.4 million users.

Over 35,000 users participate in the campaign.

The campaign earned the Best Use of Social Media Campaign nomination at the Digital MENA awards.

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