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Fitbit - What's Strong with you?

Role in the project

Concept creation | Creative direction | Copywriting | Project management

Campaign Overview


Fitness brands are perceived to be exclusive to gym rats and muscle heads. 

The brand wanted to break this bias and become inclusive.


Strength is more than muscles and brawn.

With the right questions and self-reflection, we can discover new strengths.


We turned weakness into strength with a paradigm-shifting question.

We asked our consumers, What is strong with you? instead of 

What is wrong with you?

We created various interactive & engaging activities across different touch-points to bring the concept to life.

Instagram Filter

Most of us are unaware of our strengths and only discover them when others point them out.


Our audience was anyways using Instagram filters to discover which Disney characters they are, so we created a filter that discovered their unknown strengths.


As soon as the user turned on the camera, a few questions appeared with options. Users had to nod their heads left or right to choose the answers.


Based on their choices answers, the filter would reveal their inner strength.


Giphy Stickers

Personalization is the key in any campaign, which is why we created personalized Giphy Instagram stickers for our audiences.


The process was simple. Instagram users had to write their name and strength in the comment section of a post, and a team of motion graphic artists and social media executives would deliver the Giphy stickers in less than 20 minutes.


No campaign is complete without influencers. We delivered a 'what's strong with you?' frame to influencers in the city from different walks of life and asked them to write their strength on it.


We then collated all the entries and displayed them at Dubai Fitness Village at Kite Beach. 


A few of the entries made it to Fitbit's international desk calendars.

Untitled design.gif


Overall Reach - 2,535,024

Stickers created - 101

Sticker views – 2, 357, 549 + counting

Filter captures – 23, 387

Overall Engagement – 623,909

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