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Absolut - The Absolut World

Role in the project

Concept creation | Creative direction | Copywriting | Project management


Campaign Overview


Absolut believes in creating an open world with its five brand beliefs


  • We are all human

  • Everyone is free to express

  • All genders are equal

  • People should be free to love

  • Brand should act in a sustainable & transparent way 


The new generation is more woke about the world. They prefer to choose brands that stand for a cause.


The idea is to create a campaign to create an Absolut world in the current world. 


This world follows the five brand beliefs.


Here is how the idea would take shape.

Absolut Social Media

Each piece of social media content will be social in its truest sense.

We will tackle topics that affect our social life, humanity, and nature.

Absolut Volun-Tourism

We would encourage the audience to see the world but with a mission. Volun-Tourism lets you explore different countries by volunteering to do good for society.


We will encourage our followers to sign up as voluntourists to participate in our sustainability programs in Sweden.


But it would not be just that. The voluntourists would have a personal bartender and get exclusive access to the best parties in town.


Responsibility in the morning and party into the night

Absolut Concert Squad

UAE boasts of organizing the biggest concerts in the world.


We decided to give a responsible twist to concerts in the region with the Absolut Concert Squad.


What is the Absolut Concert Squad?


It's a chance to be a part of the best concerts in the city in exchange for doing good and cleaning up the trash after the show.


This trash will be recycled responsibly by Absolut.


At the end of every concert, the squad would gather the trash and create the iconic shape of the Absolut bottle as a signature move.

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